Our Committees

The Coalition has organized committees to develop and oversee the process of creating school readiness strategies, operational policies and procedures, and implementing administrative and programmatic requirements. Once developed, all committee recommendations are presented to the full Coalition at board meetings for discussion and approval. Standing committees typically meet on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. The Nominating Committee meets on an as needed basis, when board membership recruitment is needed and/or when it is time to present a new slate of officers for elections, which occurs annually. Ad hoc committees are formed by the Board as needed to address current issues, new programs or initiatives.

All committee meetings are open to the public and allow for public input. Below are committee descriptions. To find out more about when committees meet, click on Meeting Schedules/Agendas/Minutes.

The Executive Committee is responsible for reviewing overall strategies and operations of the Coalition, making decisions on behalf of the Coalition in between meetings and acting as the overall leadership for the Coalition.

The Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing contractor budgets and establishing recommendations for fund allocation. This committee also reviews and makes recommendations on financial issues as needed. This may include analysis and recommendations to the Coalition regarding the overall financial structure and delivery system of school readiness programs and services within Brevard County.

The Legislative Committee is mobilized when needed to provide information to local Legislators relative to School Readiness and VPK programs.

The Quality Improvement Committee is responsible for establishing monitoring procedures for contractors, assisting in on-site reviews of contractors, and reporting to the Board on the results of each monitoring.

The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of new members and the presentation of the slate of officer nominations.

The by-laws committee recommends, as necessary, appropriate revisions to the corporate by-laws to ensure efficient Board operations.