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Governor appointment Press Release

ELC Seeking Governor Appointed Board Member

The Office of the Governor is seeking applications for an appointment to the Board of Directors of the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard. If interested please fill out the questionnaire:

ELC Seeking Private Sector Board Members

Coalition Board Membership

The Early Learning Coalition of Brevard County needs your help!

The Coalition has an opening on its Board of Directors for private sector members. The Coalition is seeking applications from interested individuals who are committed to helping children and guiding early learning services in Brevard. Current vacancies include board members who work in the private sector of the community and who do not directly or indirectly earn an income in the child care industry. The Coalition is especially interested in recruiting individuals that:

  • Can expand the cultural diversity of our current board
  • Have a background in public relations and/or advertising
  • Have a strong working knowledge of government and legislation
  • Belong to civic groups such as the Kiwanis, Rotary and others
  • Is a decision maker in a major corporation or has corporate contacts

If you are interested in getting involved in the future of Brevard County please read on.

Early care and education is increasingly recognized by social scientists as critical to economic self-sufficiency. Access to quality child care is vital for parents to be able to work. It also helps parents maintain stable employment and increases overall family stability. Quality early care and education is also critical to children's success in school and in life, which also creates a more qualified workforce in the future.

The Early Learning Coalition of Brevard County is made up a group of community leaders who have volunteered their time and talents to spearhead the school readiness initiative in our community. The following parameters have been established as membership guidelines for those who are currently serving on our board and/or who are interested in serving.


Membership Term of Service

The Coalition has staggered terms of membership that is four (4) years in length. Membership terms are determined by designated term vacancies at the time of membership recruitment.


Time Commitment

The Coalition meets once a month for approximately 1.5 hours per meeting (typically the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3pm in Melbourne). Members will also be asked to serve on sub-committees and/or act as an officer of the Coalition. Members are asked to commit to maintaining an active Coalition membership status, which includes the attendance of a minimum of 6 meetings per year.


The application is received by the Coalition office for review by the nominating committee, if the application is accepted the application is presented to the Coalition for approval, if accepted by the Coalition the applicant becomes a voting member at the next regularly scheduled Coalition meeting. If you have further questions, please call Laura Gambino, 321-637-1800 ext. 2506.



Please click on the link below for guidance on how families can complete their child's developmental screening.

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