ASQ Screening & Behavior Supports

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Early Intervention Department Staff

Are you serving a School Readiness child that has documented Special Needs (IEP)? 
You could be eligible for the Special Needs Rate!
If you have any questions, please contact:

Beth Arthur
Early Intervention Administrator
321-637-1800 ext. 8564
Kim Kohler, M.Ed., IMH-E®
Early Intervention Specialist
(321) 626-8354
Lakia S. King, M.ED
Early Intervention Specialist 
(321) 626-7424

Tammy Giest
Early Intervention Specialist
(321) 637-1800 ext. 2514

Pyramid Overview


Pyramid Model Overview 

Video Pyramid Model Overview  

Where do I start? Responding to Challenging Behavior-Tier One (Blue)  

Why isn’t it getting better? Tier Two (Green)  

When it’s Still Not Enough? Tier Three (Red)  

Practical Strategies for Teaching Social Emotional Skills  

Promoting Social Emotional Competence  

When Children Act Out.  

Backpack Connection Series  

Behavior Resources:

Backpack Connection Series   

Tucker Turtle-Story Book  

We Can Be Problem Solvers-Story Book  

Our Preschool Rules-Story Book