Parents Who Have Received Funding Notification Letter

Welcome to a faster, easier way to apply for child care assistance!

To begin, please click on the Initial Application Packet, TCA Initial Application Packet OR the CDBG Funding Initial Application Packet and print the documents.
Once you have all your forms filled out completely, please email, fax, mail, or drop off in person to the Eligibility Specialist listed on the application letter you received. Remember that all forms must be completed that apply to your case and that they all must be signed and dated as indicated. Failure to return the documents within the allowable time frame could result in a loss of eligibility.

If you are eligible for services, your Specialist will contact you to set up an appointment to come in and sign paperwork and pick up the child care certificate. If you are not eligible for services, your Specialist will contact you with an explanation and send you a Notice of Ineligibility.

If you have any questions, please call your Eligibility Specialist at the number listed on the letter you received.