What is Vroom?

What is Vroom?

Did you know that the best time to develop a strong foundation for learning is the first five years of your child's life? Brain development is at its fastest. Learn how Vroom brain building moments can help your child excel. It's simple and easy to do. Learn more about this free tool!
Research shows that there is no better time to create a strong foundation than the first five years of life, because this is when brain development is the most rapid. And, the things that matter the most, like talking and playing, can be layered onto existing routines.
Vroom was born out of a need for creative tools and materials that inspire families to turn everyday moments into brain building moments. It was developed with thoughtful input from parents, early childhood experts, neuroscientists, parents and community leaders. The Bezos Family Foundation provided funding, and a lot of passion, because we believe that all parents have the potential to create a bright future for their children.
The goal is to share the science of early brain development in new ways so that all children have the chance to become thriving adults.

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