School Readiness Early Learning Programs

Program Overview

In 1999, the Florida Legislature enacted the School Readiness Act (s. 411.01, F.S.), which consolidated each of the early childhood education and childcare programs into one integrated program of school readiness services. This act created the Florida Partnership for School Readiness to coordinate school readiness programs administered by local school readiness coalitions at the county or multi-county level. School readiness programs include, but are not limited to the following elements:

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum;
  • Appropriate staff-to-children ratio and;
  • Parents making an informed choice of child care providers.

School readiness programs are funded through a mixture of state and federal funds. The Early Learning Coalition of Brevard County administers the School Readiness Child Care Programs. The following are some of the services provided through the School Readiness Programs: developmental and growth screening, implementation of individual educational plans, coordination of referral services, education on life style factors, transition to kindergarten, parent education, community needs assessment, accessing community resources for health and nutrition, technical assistance to parents and providers, staff education, classroom education, and mentoring business partners.